Friday, 11 May 2018

CIS 421 Weekly Course Schedule


The purpose of the course schedule is to give you, at a glance, the required preparation, activities, and evaluation components of your course. For more information about your course, whether on-ground or online, access your online course shell.
The expectations for a 4.5 credit hour course are for students to spend 13.5 hours in weekly work. This time estimate includes preparation, activities, and evaluation regardless of the delivery mode.
Instructional Materials
In order to be fully prepared, obtain a copy of the required textbooks and other instructional materials prior to the first day of class. When available, Strayer University provides a link to the first three (3) chapters of your textbook(s) in eBook format. Check your online course shell for availability.
Review the online course shell or check with your professor to determine whether Internet-based assignments and activities are used in this course.
Strayer students are encouraged to purchase their course materials through our designated Strayer Bookstore.  If a lab is required for the course, the Strayer Bookstore is the only vendor that sells the correct registration code so that Strayer students may access labs successfully.
Kaltura Video Sessions
Instructors will record video or screen capture sessions using Kaltura in Weeks 2 and 4. Your instructor may also provide these sessions on a weekly basis to act as student tutorials on the following applicable procedures:
·         Running and navigating the software or labs that will be used in this course
·         Demonstrating the use of relevant programming languages and tools through screen capture and live navigation.
·         Logging into the lab environments and running a sample  lab required in this course (if labs are required)
·         Demonstrating the downloading and installing of software to a student’s computer (if necessary) or using the software already installed in the Strayer University campus labs
·         Locating or finding files and other student materials that may be required to use in assignments
·         Submitting assignments in Blackboard
You are strongly advised to use the material provided by faculty in these sessions. Online and Ground instructors will post the Kaltura video recorded sessions to the Instructor Insights folder within the weekly tabs of the online course shell (Blackboard).
Study Buddy Wiki
The School of Information Systems and Technology provides Study Buddy Wikis for nine (9) course categories which include: Homeland Security, Computer Security, Programming, Database Management, Web Design, Software Engineering, Networking, Capstone, and Infrastructure. You will be provided a direct link to the courses aligned within your program to post questions, search for answers, add helpful tips, and to assist other students. You should post to the Study Buddy Wiki board that corresponds to the course(s) you are currently taking. Assigned faculty will be monitoring to assist as needed.

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