Tuesday, 17 April 2018

HRM week 2-1


Topic 1. 3-3. Explain why strategic planning is important to all managers.

Topic 23-4. Explain with examples each of the eight steps in the strategic management process.

       Topic 3. 3-5. Explain with examples how human resources management can be instrumental in helping a company create a competitive advantage.

Topic 4.5-3. What are the four main types of information that application forms provide?

Topic 5. 5-4. How, specifically, do equal employment laws ­apply to personnel recruiting activities?

Topic 6. 5-5. What are the five main things you would do to recruit and retain a more diverse workforce?

Topic 7.  5-1. Briefly outline the workforce planning process.
       Topic 85-2. Briefly explain each step in the recruitment and selection process.

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