Monday, 16 April 2018

CIS 340 Assignment #2 – Needs Analysis


Creating the Front End Needs Analysis for the Bears site – use the images provided to create a small sample site over the next two weeks.

The Front End Needs Analysis should answer the following questions:
  1. Who is the target audience?
o   Describe their demographics with at least five pertinent characteristics (profession, age, marital and/or family status, income level, interests, other)
  1. What color scheme does the “client” want?
  2. Are there other sites that the client has looked at for comparisons? If so, what sites? (Include those as reference points.)
  3. What is the primary purpose of the site?
    1. Does the client want this to be an e-Commerce site? (We do not cover that kind of production in this class, but it is a question that would need to be answered in the real world.)
  4. What is the desired timeline for completion of the site?
  5. Who is responsible for the images to be used? (Students can be creative here and choose to use their own images in place of the ones provided.
  6. Who will be the content expert and provide content and/or check content during development?

o   This paper should adhere to APA style standards including the following:Double space, 1” margins, New Times Roman 12 pt. font, and a title page (title page and reference page are not counted as content pages).

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