Monday, 16 April 2018

CIS 312 Week 4 System Management, Part II


·         TestOut PC Pro
    • 9. System Management
      • 9.6 Windows Application Management
      • 9.7 Linux Application Management
      • 9.8 Digital Content Management
      • 9.9 Updates
      • 9.10 System Backup
  • Discussion Questions: Open Source Software Considerations
Did you know that free software exists on the Internet right now that you can download and use? It’s not only free but oftentimes powerful and just as good as some of the brand-named industry-standard software that you’re already using? This is open-source software and it’s created by some real geniuses, just like you. 

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “So wait a minute…If it’s free, why aren’t we all using it?” Well, there are some drawbacks to using open-source software. Do some research on your own, and examine the benefits and drawbacks for using open source software. See if you can uncover why some people are concerned about its use and why others use it exclusively. Then, in a few sentences, do the following:
o    Share your findings and your perspective.
o    Are you comfortable recommending open-source software to a company you work for? 
o    What about if you started your own company: would you consider its use? 
o    Whom would you blame (or sue) if something went wrong?

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