Monday, 16 April 2018

CIS 312 Week 3 System Management, Part I


·         TestOut PC Pro
    • 9. System Management
      • 9.1 Windows System Tools
      • 9.2 Preferences and Settings
      • 9.3 Performance Monitoring
      • 9.4 Users and Groups
      • 9.5 Remote Services
  • Discussion Question: “Remoting In”
One of the newest and most useful features built into the Windows Platform is the ability to “remote in” to a computer. Previously, virtual remote access was only granted when using third-party software.

Option 1
o    In a few sentences, discuss a situation in which if you’d had this software previously installed on your system, where this feature would have come in handy. Imagine you’re on the job and a client who resides in the South Pole is having a technical issue. How might you use this feature to assist them?
Option 2
o    Discuss the importance of being careful with the “remote in” ability. Based on your learning this week, what kind of activities should be implemented if an unauthorized person gains access to a computer without your permission? 

  • Assessment 3 (weight: 7%)
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